Poem #2: Confidence

Why is it that I can’t tell
Why can I not recognize
The person looking back at me
In the mirror who has my eyes?

It can’t be me, for this I know
Though we might just look alike
He’s better, leaner, stronger, smarter
He’s faster, sharper, quick to strike

But when I speak he does the same
And when I move then so does he
When I stumble he stands unafraid
He breaks my fall and says to me

“Believe in me, o fragile soul
Believe in what you can become
Believe that you can fight this darkness
Believe that you can be the one”

And so I walk upon the stage
Into the spotlight to contend
Amongst a thousand eyes, I find
The only one I call a friend

The man that one day I will be
As surely as the winds will blow
“Believe” he says, and nods at me
Believe I do, and steal the show.

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