Poem #3: Her Icy Fingers

Once blazing wild and free
An inferno deep unfurled
Aflame it set the birds and trees
Aflame it set my world


The inferno would then abate
Leaving ash, dust, and scorn
A fire living, breathing hate
Would leave no time to mourn


Over time the fire weakened
And around half-past noon
I thought the smoke would clear and
It would all be over soon

Evening came, and I saw at last
All that was left behind
No brave-hearts, knights, iconoclasts
Lived through this fate, unkind


Darkness came, after the storm
And with it came the cold
Only a bonfire to keep me warm
And not a soul to hold.


When this ends, it comes to mind
When all the flames are gone,
I worry if I can ever find
The strength to carry on


No matter how hard I strive
Or remain true and bold
How could I ever survive
The ever-engulfing cold

And then, at last, the fire died
And chills ran down my arm and spine
I slept with eyes open wide
And dreamed this sorry life of mine

She came with the wind, with comforting grace
She greeted me like kin
Her icy fingers touched my face
And froze my heart and skin


It was dark and it was cold
And blackness took my sight
And I could never have foretold
A tiny, faint, glowing light

Then came the wind and there were more
The dying embers that survived
And with that sight inside me rose
A reason to stay alive

I will not fade out with the dark
Or go down with the sun
If this doesn’t start a spark
I’ll make another one


If this house can’t be rebuilt
I won’t concede or fall
I will overcome my guilt
And then I’ll change it all.

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