Here’s why you are bad at math (But actually aren’t)

So, maybe you’re an exceptional student. Your command over languages is impeccable, your knowledge in the fields of history and geography is second to none. Biology, Chemistry, and certain aspects of Physics are like second nature to you.

Alas, you have a weakness. A vulnerability. The heel of your Achillean mind.




In this godforsaken field of study, maybe you’ve never seen a grade above B. Maybe the very thought of numbers and letters combined gives you an anxiety attack. Maybe you just can’t understand the reasoning behind why someone would buy 40 fucking watermelons at a grocery store on a Saturday night.

The result is clear.

You’re shit at Math… or are you?

You might be convinced that you ‘Just aren’t a math person’ or that ‘Math is boring’ just because of a few bad tests at school.

You might have teachers or parents disappointingly shake their head when they see your report card.

Your friends might make fun of you when you try to count on your fingers every single time.

It might seem like you’re down on the ground, but fear not, my friend, I’m here to help you get up. We will figure out why you fell in the first place.

Here are the most common reasons you suck at math:

1) You don’t pay attention.

Listen, some math problems are supposed to be tricky. They don’t want you to just sit there and do a menial, mundane, dull operations time and time again. They want to puzzle and trick you. They do this because that’s how it is in the real world. You’re supposed to be a little mentally stimulated. If you’re distracted by something or the other, it’ll end up hurting you.

While solving through regular problems, you simply might miss a tiny detail somewhere. Perhaps you misread what variable you are supposed to solve for. Maybe you got the order of operations wrong. Maybe you forgot to change the sign. Maybe you combined the terms incorrectly. Oops, maybe you dropped a term. Did you use the wrong formula?

It happens. But it only happens when you aren’t giving the problem your undivided(pun absolutely intended) attention.

This doesn’t mean your bad at math. Just at paying attention.

2) You didn’t practice.

Look, practice might look like a chore, it might even be a chore in some cases, but goddamn if it ain’t important. With practice, you get faster. This means you waste less time on the easy problems and can give more time to the actually tricky ones.

Has it ever happened that you weren’t able to complete the test in time and missed out on quite a few easy questions? PRACTICE! DO IT NOW!

If you keep getting nervous about how much time you have left, you’ll probably end up getting distracted and make some extremely silly mistakes.

This also doesn’t mean that you’re bad at math. You just need some practice.

3) You missed too many classes and didn’t bother to catch up.

Would you ever go into battle without knowing how to use your weapon? Would you jump off a cliff without bringing a parachute?

Well, that’s what’s happening here. If you come back to class one day and everyone seems to be speaking a foreign language you don’t understand, you really need to do some catching up and fast.

Make sure to ask your friends or your teacher what exactly you missed and catch up on it asap. You can also most likely look all of this up online.

Websites like Khanacademy, Brilliant, and a few youtube channels Like Eddie Woo will help you tremendously. CHECK THEM OUT!


4) Your teacher sucks

Look, I get it. Some teachers are just absolutely dogshit at teaching. This might make you hate the subject because everytime you open your book it remind you of that terrible teacher’s stupid face. Maybe they’re bad at teaching, maybe they don’t understand the subject themselves, maybe they’re mean to you.

That sucks. I get it. But if you want to improve at this subject( Since you’re reading this article, you probably want to. That’s awesome) you’re gonna have to spend a little extra time studying it. Again, go the websites listed above and show that ugly bastard who’s boss. Honestly, nothing is more satisfying than correcting a teacher. Take my word for it.

5)You don’t write things down

You might hate picking up a pen and paper because it reminds your of the time when a pen and paper killed your entire family and kicked your pet, but trying to do it all in your head is not the answer. Your brain can only hold so much information in your active memory, and when you write down the problems and solutions on paper it is much easier for your brain to reference each step.

So stop trying to do it all in your head and pick up a fucking pen or a pencil.

6) You visualize too little/too much

“Wait, what?” you say.

You heard me. Sometimes it helps to visualize how a function might look like on a graph, so as to give you a bit of intuition on how to approach a solution. Other times, usually at a higher level, it is better to keep things as abstract as possible. When you’re working with 4 or more dimensions, it is best to keep it as abstract as possible. Your brain might not be able to handle the visuals, but your math will still be right.


7) You’re lazy

An important fact to remember is that there are no shortcuts to being good at math. People who are good at math follow the advice stated above. Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain or regret, my friend.


That’s it for now. I’ll write another article about why math is extremely cool later this week.

Best of luck, my friendos. Live well.

Poem #4: Coup de grâce

When you gaze inside your soul and deep
You’ll know it’s not the end
You’ll have love and joy and peace
And stars to transcend

When you gaze inside your soul and deep
You ought to realize
In you there is a light that might
Just feed your weeping eyes

When you gaze inside your soul and deep
One thing you’ll find for sure
Your bleeding heart and aching soul
One day will find a cure

Come now, as you lie down and sleep
Let your mind to the skies ascend
For when you gaze inside your soul and deep
You’ll know it’s not the end.

Poem #3: Her Icy Fingers

Once blazing wild and free
An inferno deep unfurled
Aflame it set the birds and trees
Aflame it set my world


The inferno would then abate
Leaving ash, dust, and scorn
A fire living, breathing hate
Would leave no time to mourn


Over time the fire weakened
And around half-past noon
I thought the smoke would clear and
It would all be over soon

Evening came, and I saw at last
All that was left behind
No brave-hearts, knights, iconoclasts
Lived through this fate, unkind


Darkness came, after the storm
And with it came the cold
Only a bonfire to keep me warm
And not a soul to hold.


When this ends, it comes to mind
When all the flames are gone,
I worry if I can ever find
The strength to carry on


No matter how hard I strive
Or remain true and bold
How could I ever survive
The ever-engulfing cold

And then, at last, the fire died
And chills ran down my arm and spine
I slept with eyes open wide
And dreamed this sorry life of mine

She came with the wind, with comforting grace
She greeted me like kin
Her icy fingers touched my face
And froze my heart and skin


It was dark and it was cold
And blackness took my sight
And I could never have foretold
A tiny, faint, glowing light

Then came the wind and there were more
The dying embers that survived
And with that sight inside me rose
A reason to stay alive

I will not fade out with the dark
Or go down with the sun
If this doesn’t start a spark
I’ll make another one


If this house can’t be rebuilt
I won’t concede or fall
I will overcome my guilt
And then I’ll change it all.