Greetings, humans! I am Caelestis, a 21-year-old engineering student who’s here to take you on an adventure.

Together we will explore the stars and the laws that govern them,
Behold the mysteries of the universe as we uncover them,
Dive into movies, music, arts, and games,
And the masterpieces, that are human brains.

Here’s why you are bad at math (But actually aren’t)

So, maybe you’re an exceptional student. Your command over languages is impeccable, your knowledge in the fields of history and geography is second to none. Biology, Chemistry, and certain aspects of Physics are like second nature to you. Alas, you have a weakness. A vulnerability. The heel of your Achillean mind. MATH!     In…

Things that get me excited #2: LIGO

LIGO stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. Now, if you’ve never heard of LIGO, or are saying to yourself “I will never know what any of this means”, then this article is for you. However, before we get to the beast that is LIGO itself, it is important to have a bit of more-than-general knowledge…

Poem #4: Coup de grâce

When you gaze inside your soul and deep You’ll know it’s not the end You’ll have love and joy and peace And stars to transcend When you gaze inside your soul and deep You ought to realize In you there is a light that might Just feed your weeping eyes When you gaze inside your…

Poem #3: Her Icy Fingers

Once blazing wild and free An inferno deep unfurled Aflame it set the birds and trees Aflame it set my world   The inferno would then abate Leaving ash, dust, and scorn A fire living, breathing hate Would leave no time to mourn   Over time the fire weakened And around half-past noon I thought…

Poem #2: Confidence

Why is it that I can’t tell Why can I not recognize The person looking back at me In the mirror who has my eyes?

Poem #1: Prejudice

Withered away, the rose once fragrant Pungent now it’s odour smells Far and beyond from soul now vagrant In oblivion now it dwells

Things that get me excited #1: Breakthrough Starshot

“The stars, it seems, have set strict bounds on human destiny. Until now.” These are the words written on breakthroughinitiative’s page describing their new, most ambitious mission yet. Certainly the most exciting.  For we have been to the moon, to mars, on comets, and even beyond the reaches of our own solar system. And now…